Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I sign up? 

  • Choose a class type: MIXED-AGE for ages birth through 4 years old, BABIES for children ages 0-8 months, or BIG KIDS for ages 5 years old to 7 years old.  (Babies younger than 8 months old have two choices: MIXED-AGE or BABIES.  We recommend the BABIES class if you, as a parent, are new to Fiddlesticks Music.)
  • Choose a class time for your class type.  There are several options for the MIXED-AGE class, two for the BABIES class, and one for the BIG KIDS class.  We hope you find one that suits your schedule.  If not, let us know!  We try to design our class offerings based on your feedback.
  • Complete the online registration form.  You may register more than one child on your online form.  Don't forget to click "Complete Registration" on the last page!  You will then receive an automatic email confirming your registration.  This serves as your class confirmation.  We will contact you if your class is full or if there are not enough for the class to make.
  • Pay for class.  Send a check for the tuition amount made to Fiddlesticks Music to: Fiddlesticks Music c/o All Saints' Episcopal Church, 110 W. Hawthorne, Homewood, AL, 35209.  This insures your spot in your first-choice class.
  • Come to class at your designated time and have FUN!  Your child AND you (or the caregiver bringing your child--grandparent, nanny, babysitter, aunt, etc.) will participate in class together.  Unlike other classes, we ALL sing, dance, play instruments, and make music in class.  This is important because you are your child's best model, and because we need to reinforce that music-making is for everyone, not just the people on TV and radio!  There is much research supporting that playing music WITH your child is hugely beneficial to your child's IQ, verbal, social, and emotional development--not to mention his/her musical development.   It is not nearly as effective simply to play music for your child, or to watch your child play music without participating yourself.  Plus, it's just more fun to play!  The only class that is a drop-off class is the BIG KIDS class for 5-7 year olds.  This is because they have moved into a developmental stage where they are ready to collaborate with each other and another adult leader other than their primary caregivers.

The class I want is full.  Do you have a waiting list?

Yes.  Just email and let me know which class you'd like to be on the waiting list for.  Usually people shift around in the first couple of weeks of class and often full classes end up with spots open.

Where does class meet?

All classes meet at All Saints' Episcopal Church in Homewood (110 West Hawthorne St, 35209).  You will park either out front or in the parking lot next to the church.  Come in the front glass doors and go straight down the hallway.  You'll find an elevator or stairs that will take you to the 3rd floor.  We meet in the multi-purpose room which is straight ahead as you step off the elevator.

I saw that you offer a free trial class.  How does that work? 

If you have not tried Music Together®, you are in for a treat!  Come try a class on us and see how you like it before committing to a full session.  Simply go to the "classes" tab and look at the current class offerings.  Choose one or two that fit your schedule and email with your choice(s) and the date you'd like to come.  We will let you know confirm with you that there is room in the class for you to try it. 

My child is ill, can we make up our missed class? 

First of all, thank you for keeping your ill child home!  We define illness as a fever of above 99.3 within the past 24 hours, vomiting within the past 24 hours, an unexplained rash, or nasal discharge that is not clear. 

And yes, you can make up your missed class!  We offer 2 make-ups within a 10-week session. Simply choose another class time that works for you, email us at, and we will let you know if there is room to make up the class at that time. You may make up babies classes in mixed-age classes.

Why do you not have classes divided by age group?  What is the benefit of a mixed-age class?

Research shows that children in mixed-age classes reap extra benefits!  Infants and toddlers eagerly watch the older children and learn from their example.  We have seen many first steps in class because of the toddlers showing babies "how it's done."  And we have seen many toddlers keeping their first steady beat by watching a 3-year-old rather than a teacher.  Conversely, older preschoolers benefit by being the models or leaders for the younger ones in class.  They often reach skills faster because they want to show their younger classmates how to do it.

A mixed-age environment more closely models a real family and community.   Although in traditional schools we see homogenous grouping by age, this does not reflect the "real world," where children integrate with people of all ages.  In a music class, children reach musical milestones at different ages based on aptitude and exposure, so it is not necessary to segregate children by age.  The curriculum is appropriate for a wide span of ages, and you will find that even we adults find our skills improving within a session!

How is Fiddlesticks Music different from other preschool music programs?

Fiddlesticks Music uses the Music Together curricula, which we feel is the best children's music program available.  First offered to the public in 1987, Music Together has always been a pioneer in the field of early childhood music with truly innovative, high-quality music education and outreach programs that redefine what musical means. Music Together is offered in over 40 countries around the world, and there are high standards for being able to teach this program.  Our teachers at Fiddlesticks Music have Master's degrees in music and are highly knowledgeable in child and music development.  Music Together is research-based, so we know our stuff and we're good at what we do. But we're also down to earth, accessible, and all about having a good time.

Do you do birthday parties and other events?

Yes, we love parties!  Mrs. Maggie handles all of our birthday parties, school parties, playgroup parties and other events.  We can accommodate your party at your location or you may have it at All Saints' if it is available.  Please click on the "Parties" tab for more information.

Do you offer scholarships? 

I want everyone to be able to give their child the gift of music. Each session we offer a limited amount of one-time scholarships based on need. If you are struggling with finances and it would be a hardship to pay for all or partial tuition, please email us at and we will work it out!  

Do you want to help give a music class to a family in need? Contact us at the above email to donate to our scholarship fund!  You may remain anonymous or we can let the family know of your generous gift.

My relative (sister, cousin, etc.) or my nanny will be bringing her child along with mine to class.  Can the children count as siblings? 

Because each family needs to receive a set of materials for class, each child from a separate family will need to pay full tuition. 

My mom and dad are visiting and I want to bring them to class.  Can they come?

Of course, they can!  You are welcome to bring other adults to class with your child.  Aunts, uncles, grandparents...they are all encouraged to visit! 

I have a close-knit playgroup, and we all want to sign up for a private class together.  Can you help us?

It is such fun to have playgroups have their own class!  We will do our best to insure that your group has a great experience bonding and learning in a class together.  We need to have a minimum of 8 registered to open a new section, and the time and day are subject to teachers' availability.  But if we can work it out, we will!

We homeschool and I have a 9-year-old.  Can she come to class?

Yes, and for free!  We love having older siblings attend class!  Any sibling older than 5 or younger than 9 months is welcome to come to the mixed-age class with a paid sibling at no charge.  

I have three children under 5.  Do you offer a discount for the third?

Certainly.  Your third child is FREE with two paid siblings, which is one at full tuition and one at the sibling rate.