See What Parents Are Saying About Fiddlesticks Music!

"My family recently relocated to the Birmingham area. Since we view music as an integral part of life, we were searching for a music class that was both geared towards toddlers (my daughter is two years old) and incorporated multiple facets of music and dance. We happened across Fiddlesticks after trialing a handful of other toddler music classes, and I’m so glad we did. Other programs seemed to be missing the x-factor; my daughter was involved but not fully engaged. 

Upon signing up for a free trial of Fiddlesticks, I was immediately drawn to the research-based learning model. We completed our class and were hooked. Not only was the class phenomenal, but the instructor, Ms. Maggie, was incredible with the children in her class. She was attentive, patient, and made every child (and adult) feel as though their role mattered in her class. Every single child was engaged and receptive; it was a beautiful sight. I knew right away that we would be singing up for many semesters of this class to come.

I highly recommend both Miss Maggie and the Fiddlesticks program. You will not be disappointed!"

Ashley V. Kiser, M.S., BCBA Board Certified Behavior Analyst

and mom to Elliot

"Look no further, for an exceptional program that mixes music and movement for little children, even babies, this program is IT!  This is the class to bring your children to in Birmingham - so professional, so caring, so pedagogically sound.  My child can sing in tune and tap on the beat and he's only 2 because of this class, BUT this isn't a class about results, it's a class about process and the natural encouragement of musical skills, there are no benchmarks or levels.  Maggie, Christy, and Summer are such excellent teachers and human beings... no joke, I feel a weight lifted during the class myself - my only task is to sing and dance with my beautiful boys.  We love it!"

Kristen Kenning, Voice Faculty at Samford Univeristy

and mom to Robert and Henry

"Maggie is such a wonderful teacher and leads a talented and fun team. We have taken several seasons, each with a new Music Together® collection of songs. We are still singing our favorites at home from past seasons! Both of my kids began as babies. My about to be 3 year old has gone from being held by Ms. Maggie when she was a fussy newborn little sibling to twirling and singing as one of the big kids. My 5 year old learned to come out of his shell and enjoy music. These classes are creative and playful and bring out the child's natural musical ability. We are so happy to have Fiddlesticks so close by!"

Amy, mom to Weyland and Margot

"Fiddlesticks Music has been an amazing part of my son’s first year! We started our first session when he was only about four months old, and have already registered him for his 4th semester! It’s an excellent way to introduce a child to music, rhythm, instruments and dance! Not to mention meeting and interacting with other children and parents. Most of all though, I love how excited my son gets every week in class and when he hears the music at home. We have even gone so far as to get him musical instruments sets so we can continue the fun at home from the songs we learned in class. The app and music book that comes with registration is a HUGE help for playing more at home! And, as he gets older, they will be a fantastic resource to introduce and teach music theory and literacy. 

The teachers are also such an asset! They genuinely love teaching the kids, and get to know each and every child. They engage the children in every class and encourage learning and exploration.

I cannot praise Fiddlesticks enough!"

Norma, mom to Oliver

"Fiddlesticks Music has been great for my now 4-year-old, and I was pleasantly surprised when I took my 6-month-old.  He was so attentive and happy.  This is a wonderful program!"

Anne, mom to Josie and James

"Our daughter began the Music Together Babies class when she was only four months old.  It is amazing to see how she is attentive to rhythms and is moved by music at this young age.  We LOVE this class and look forward to starting again to continue developing her musical sensibilities!"

Katherine, mom to Josephine