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The 10-week WINTER session will be:

January 7 – March 15 



Please read the following Tuition Information. After registering for your class, check out our payment options under the "How to Pay" tab.

Tuition Information

For mixed-age and babies classes, tuition for the 10-week WINTER session is $170, with additional sibling in the same class being $110; children under 10 months old or over 5 years old attend free with a registered sibling. (Please contact me if there are financial constraints that would prohibit your family from participating. Limited scholarships are available, and/or I can help you set up a payment plan.) 

Full or partial refunds are not available after the first class, but two make-up classes can be arranged in other class sections if space permits.  Make-ups can be done during the current session ONLY. (No carry-overs into a new session.)

The 10-week WINTER session will be:

January 7 – March 15 

PLEASE NOTE:  You will receive an automatic email confirming your registration through this website. That will serve as your enrollment confirmation. I will contact you directly if your first-choice class is full. Otherwise, you can assume you are enrolled in your first-choice class!

If you would like to be placed on a waiting list for a full class, please email and we will let you know if a spot opens up! 



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